$ 495 small business
marketing package

  • website design (unlimited updates for 1 year)
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • copywriting
  • email marketing system
  • company logo
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About Package

Everything that you need to start marketing your business.

  • Fully functional website that attracts prospects and turns them into customers.
  • Compelling copy that educates and leads prospects down a path that will gain you their trust and business.
  • Email system that educates subscribers, presents specials and keeps your business top-of-mind.
  • Company logo that leaves a positive impression on prospects and customers.
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Website Design

Features & Benefits

Google My Business

Clients can easily find you on a Google Maps search results page and how to contact you.

CMS (Content Management System)

Updates and new information can be easily done on websites therefore keeping your contacts up-to-date.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

New clients will find and visit your company’s website via Google search and then reach out to you either by phone or email.


Your website is an integral part of your branding strategy and will strengthen your company’s image.

24/7/365 Availability

Potential clients can access information about your company on their schedule.
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Search Engine Optimization

Features & Benefits

Perform better in Local Search results

More potential clients will visit your company’s website because it appears near or at top of Google’s search results.

Better user experience

Google determines where a website is located on their search result pages via various factors which come into play when SEO work is completed properly.

Organic search traffic

Organic search traffic occurs when a Google user searches for a particular term rather than a company name and finds your company which is the same as free advertising.

Minimal cost: just time invested

SEO done properly has one of the best ROI (Return On Investment) you can make for your business. Also, this is a task that you can do by yourself if you wish without my assistance.

Target each segment of your audience

For example a floor laying company can target both their industrial and residential clients separately therefore generating traffic from both audiences.

Improved brand awareness

Being seen in Google search results helps even if your website is not visited, as you are still seen as being in the same league as your competition by your prospects.

Keeps you up-to-date on industry

Having a SEO strategy will allow you to see what your competition is up to and to understand your customers current needs and wants better.

Track your progress via Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can see what strategies are working and which are not and adjust accordingly to give your visitor an experience that they will love.

Target the entire marketing funnel

Creating content that speaks to prospects wherever they are in the marketing funnel will increase the likelihood of them choosing you to solve their problems.


Features & Benefits

Persuasive writing

Showcase your company’s benefits and get your audience to do something, be that sign up for your newsletter or place an order.

Differentiate writing

Communicate to your prospects what makes you different from your competition.

Emotionally bonding writing

Telling a story to your prospects helps them relate to you more and the solutions that you provide to their problem.

Compliments brand personality

A strong brand makes visitors to your website more likely to take the action(s) that you want them to take.
writing tools

Email Marketing System

Features & Benefits

Welcome emails

When a new email address gets added to your subscriber list this email makes the subscriber feel welcomed into your business world. And allows you to introduce yourself on a more personal level.

Educational emails

For your prospect these emails educate them on your industry and how your solution will solve their problems. And for you it means you have a prospect in your purchasing funnel which means that there is a higher probability that they will turn into a customer.

Discount and or special emails

These emails alert your subscribers to any discounts or specials that you may offer. Be these related to the industry that you are in eg. Mother’s Day for florists or seasonal eg. October for hockey equipment stores

Trigger emails

When a user does something it is a great time to send an email related to their action. Be it signing up for your newsletter or abandoning an item in their shopping cart.


When a user purchases an item from you is a perfect time to send a follow-up email. Say for example you sell blenders a followup email may contain healthy morning smoothie recipes or how to utilize the specialized attachments.


When newsletters are done right they have real value for the reader. For example a clothing store could write about current trends in the fashion field, how to mend a hem or an interesting tidbit about your industry.
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Company Logo

Features & Benefits

Stand out from competitors

Chances are that if you are a small business just starting out you will have competitors that are already well established. So, your company logo needs to assist you in standing out from your competitors.

Communicate your company values

Another job of your company logo is to communicate your company’s values. For example a daycare specializing in caring for autistic children should communicate that you are a supportive and caring business. Or if you are a custom motorcycle shop the values you may want to communicate include helpful staff and a wide variety of parts available in store.

Part of all marketing material

A great company logo should be a part of any marketing material that you have. From your website to your business card to your social media channels and beyond. This allows your potential customers to build a positive image of your business in their mind over time. Then when the time comes that they need the services of a business like yours yours will come to mind immediately.


Sharp Employment Services - home page

Sharp Employment Services

Brandon Johnson Plumbing - home page

Brandan Johnson Plumbing

dentist - home page

Dr. Akman Dental Office

steak and fish restaurant home page

Steak & Fish Restaurant

Why am I offering this?

You are a small business owner who:
  • has limited cash flow
  • wants to see the benefits of any investment before investing in it
  • knows you should have a web presence but are unsure of where to start
I am a small business owner who:
  • wants to create a website portfolio
  • has everything in place to rapidly get your website up-and-running
  • is eager to work with other small business owners

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch for the first year – it’s $ 495.

However if you would like to continue to have your website there will be some ongoing costs which are at present:

  • hosting ($ 150)
  • domain name ($ 15)
  • WordPress plugin ($ 50)
  • monthly maintenance ($ 60 / month)

And if you are not satisfied after the first year you can just walk away.