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Let people see you and remember you.

The most key component that all your marketing efforts revolve around is your brand identity. Your brand identity (more commonly referred to as a company logo) is something that the public is more likely to remember if it is not only stylish but memorable.

To develop your company logo there are three different components that come into the mix which are:

  • Brand name. What is your company name? A fabulous example of a household brand name is Uber. Everyone knows Uber for their transportation of people and delivery of food.
  • Colour palette. Your colour palette has to reflect the market that you are in while also differentiating yourself from the competition.
  • Typography. Limiting your design to a few fonts and ones that both contrast and complement each other is a must. Also, the fonts must be readable on both large desktop screens and small mobile screens.
  • Graphics. Does your type of company lend itself to an abstract design or is it more grounded and practical? These and other questions will be explored when we are deciding on the graphics that will be incorporated into your company logo.

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