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We start with discussing your vision and creating a creative brief that will guide us along throughout the entire website development process.

Next we define the goals that you have for your website. Such goals could be to convert more visitors into customers and or having more visitors sign up for your newsletter.

Once we have our vision and goals nailed down we can come up with a mutually agreed upon schedule that shows both of our tasks and deadlines.

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To prepare for our project we need first to develop a sitemap. A sitemap shows us at a glance all the pages that are on your website and how they all interconnect with each other.

Then we develop wireframes which give us a schematic-like feel for each type of page within your website showing us each element’s place on the page.

Using keywords on your website that your prospect will enter into Google’s search engine to find you is essential. The most effective keywords for your particular website are sometimes not obvious and require doing some research to find. Once found we will weave these keywords into your content so that Google will display a link for your website in the results of your prospects search.

A great place to start when creating content for your website is your competitors’ websites. Here we can see what works and what doesn’t and more importantly see how we can make your content even better. Now we can start combining all the research we have done to date to start writing your website’s content.

Consistency on a website and with all the other marketing material we produce is key to branding your business. So we will develop a style tile which includes but is not limited to such items as:

  • Logos
  • Fonts
  • Button design
  • Colour palettes
  • Patterns

All of these items located in one file ensures that your branding projects are consistent and look great no matter where they are used.

Going Live

This is the stage where the excitement really kicks in because we are so very close to taking your website live. However, we need to do some checks to make sure that your website will deliver an optimum experience for your visitors which include the following:

    • check your website integration’s such as your forms, email addresses, and links
    • review of your content by multiple people some who know it best and also by people who are not familiar with it
    • creating an error page so that if a visitor ends up on a non-existing page on your website they are given the option of going to any page on your website


We will all take a deep breath here and exhale – do one last review of your website – and then take it live for the world to see.

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